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Be the trainer!

Our successful "Be The Trainer" course allows you to become your own fully qualified first aid trainer in order to deliver first aid training in your work place or work setting...

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Level 3 First Aid at Work (3 Day)

Our 3 day FAA level 3 First Aid at Work course provides the training, assessment and certification to become a qualified first aider in your work place...

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Level 3 FAW re-qual

This 2-day First Aid at Work course is designed for those who currently hold a First Aid at Work qualification and are due to expire...

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Level 3 EFAW (1 day)

Our 1 day FAA level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work course is designed to train company staff and individuals how to provide immediate care...

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Level 3 EFAW PLUS*

The FAA level 3 Emergency first aid at work PLUS allows you to tailor your EFAW course with appropriate bolt on topics to suit your...

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Level 3 Paediatric First Aid - Ofsted requirement

The qualification is designed for learners with a responsibility for the care of children and babies on a professional level...

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Level 3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid

The qualification is designed for learners with a responsibility for the care of children and babies and provides knowledge and skills to...

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AED and CPR Training

A more in depth look at the importance of good quality CPR and use of the AED in order to maintain a quick response to life threatening situations...

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Family First Aid

We all have that fear of being faced with a daunting situation and not knowing what to do e.g a young baby choking, a child falling down the stairs or even..

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First Aid Awards for School Pupils

From 2020 all schools will be required to teach first aid and basic life saving skills. This specially designed...

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Activity First Aid level 3

FAA Level 3 Activity First Aid is specifically designed for those who are involved in any form of activity, including sports, leisure and recreation...

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IQA Assessments

As fully qualified Internal quality Assurance Assessors, we can attend and assess any of your First Aid courses and perform an annual assessment...

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First Aid For Schools

From 2020 all schools will be required to teach first aid and basic life saving skills. This specially designed programme will meet the Governments 2020 guidelines as set out in the National Curriculum along with the NEW Ofsted framework,

"as part of making the judgement about the quality of education, inspectors will consider the extent to which schools are equipping pupils with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life" 
Ofsted School Inspection Handbook (2019).
Our programme can be divided across a number of weeks or delivered in a one day enrichment programme / PSHE project or similar event. These awards are aimed at all age groups across both primary and secondary schools. All the content is delivered by fully qualified and trained instructors. Our instructors will deliver first class training to youngsters and use their years of experience in the classroom to ensure pupils are fully engaged and motivated to learn during these sessions.
Please contact us to discuss further options and secure your booking.

"The quality of the courses and the trainers leading this were exceptional, the children remained engaged from start to finish. feedback from parents was excellent as pupils could not stop talking about it and showing their newly learnt skills. We will definitely be inviting you back again!" 
Mrs Swinton, Deputy Head.

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First aid for schools @ Bawtry Mayflower Primary School

Had a brilliant day with pupils at Bawtry Mayflower Primary School. They were all exceptional and really enjoyed learning about first aid and life saving skills. 😀

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First Aid fun at local nursery

Parents and children of Loversall Farm Day nursery, Doncaster, had a short visit today from I Can Save a Life Instructors helping the youngsters and parents have a go and learn about basic first aid for families.

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