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Our specially designed programmes have to date reached over 10,000 children across the UK in order to meet the National Curriculum strand of First Aid.

Our programme can be divided across a number of weeks or delivered in a one day enrichment programme / PSHE project related to first aid in schools. These first aid awards are aimed at all age groups across primary and secondary schools. All the content is delivered by fully qualified first aid instructors who have delivered first aid in schools for the last 10 years. Our instructors will deliver first class first aid training to school children and use their years of experience in the classroom to ensure pupils are fully engaged and motivated to learn during these sessions.

"The quality of the courses and the trainers leading this were exceptional, the children remained engaged from start to finish. feedback from parents was excellent as pupils could not stop talking about it and showing their newly learnt skills. We will definitely be inviting you back again!" Mrs Swinton, Deputy Head.

Primary School First Aid
We believe in the value of teaching first aid to school children from an early age.
Our provision is for ALL school children regardless of age or stage. We aim to provide first aid sessions that inspire school children and reduce any potential fear when dealing with an emergency situation.

We believe first aid in primary schools should be regular and differentiated.

our options allow different approaches to teaching first aid in schools, if these do not meet your needs then please feel to call and discuss other options.  
Option 1:
  • Integrate our sessions into your curriculum and give every student the opportunity to learn key first aid skills every year.
  • We deliver our ‘hands on’ CPR experience across the school and support this with key, relevant topics such as; calling for an ambulance, burns, bleeding, choking, head injuries as well as common conditions such as asthma and anaphylaxis.
  • The content for each year is different and students receive a certificate upon completing our First Aid for schools workshop. These are delivered to classes of approximately 30 pupils lasting a minimum of an hour per session.

Option 2:
  • Our bronze, silver and gold lifesaving awards offer varied training at three stages of primary education (Y1/2, Y3/4, Y5/6).
  • These sessions last approximately 2 hours and can cater for 30 pupils. This allows for quality and depth over a range of first aid activities.
  • Our most popular package is First aid training to year 2, year 4 and year 6 children which can be delivered in 1 day by either one or two instructors depending on numbers and then an annual visit allows pupils to experience 3 high quality, fun and engaging activity sessions during their primary education. 

Our first aid for schools programme covers most of the UK and has gained huge success from a range of educational settings.

Every school is different with their requirements what they require, therefore the price of each package we put together will depend on a range of factors.

We won’t be beaten on the quality of our service and are competitive with all providers offering a similar service. Please get in touch for a quote or a friendly chat.

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Don’t just take our word for it…..
“Thank you so much for the first aid training you gave to our pupils last week. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience and they were all so confident to talk to me about it afterwards. The differentiated activities were ideal and resulted in engagement from all pupils. We will be in touch next year.”
Davina Sumner Head Teacher, Willow Primary School, Doncaster
“Brilliant first aid sessions delivered in a fun and engaging way. We have been inundated from parents saying how good this was.”
Matt Loader Head Teacher St Giles Primary School, Sheffield

“I thought the day for our children was fantastic. It gave the children confidence to use a basic level of first aid anywhere in the community. I feel it empowered them to feel they could make a difference and although they are children, they are able to save a life. The day was interactive and you as instructors made the learning fun and accessible to all. Children were even role playing scenarios on the playground, rehearsing their new skills.
We will definitely be inviting you back again!
Thanks again”

Lucie Burton, Senior Teacher, Tydd St Mary’s, Wisbech

Secondary Schools:
Do you seek a worthwhile activity to engage ALL learners either as an enrichment day or embedded as part of your wider curriculum?
Are you currently delivering Health & Social Care, or National Diplomas in Sport and want students to experience the practical assessment tasks?
What work skill qualifications do your Y11’s and 6th formers leave school with?
Do they have one of the stand out First Aid qualifications on their CV?
Our provision and delivery is based around your needs.

Option 1:
Regular Lessons As Part Of PSHE or Wider School Curriculum
  • We deliver first sessions approx. 2 hrs to groups of 30 students within normal lesson time
  • Delivered as part of PSHE over a series of weeks (location dependent).
  • Various topics available
  • Links and sessions offered in line with DofE or Sports Leaders specifications
  • Lesson Plans, SoW, Assessment workbooks, resources all available
Option 2:
A Year Group In A Day
  • Incorporate First Aid training as part of an enrichment or drop down day.
  • Recommend 2 hour sessions of approx. 30 students.
  • Topics covered include, CPR, use of a Defibrillator, Choking, Head Injuries, Bleeding, Asthma, Shock.
  • Certificates for ALL.
“Thanks for being a valuable part of our Y11 drop down day. It was an invaluable experience for students who went away with more confidence and a better understanding of what to do in life threatening situations.”
Liz Britton Lead on PHSE & Healthy Schools Co-ordinator Lawnswood School, Leeds

Option 3:
Health & Social Care
  • Can link in to various courses e.g. Cambridge National Level 3.
  • Delivery of all or part of the course.
  • A popular option is to cover all practical assessment elements.
  • Witness statements can be written and signed off as part of this.
  • Minimum of 3 hours is recommended. A full day is more suitable for assessing and providing learners with the maximum opportunities to demonstrate their skills.
  • 2 instructors are moderators currently with OCR.
“For those of you completing health and social care, we had wayne from icansavealife in school for the whole day. I have to say it was superb! The kids were engaged all day and he set up real life scenarios. They loved it. They all had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and he signed off all their witness statements. I would thoroughly recommend."
Lois Bramley, Health & Social Care Lead, Branton Community Academy, Lincoln.

Option 4:
Official First Aid Qualification
  • We can deliver an official first aid at work qualification to a cohort of learners as part of the careers/PSHE lessons or after school.
  • To undertake this learners have to be Y10, Y11 or 6th Form
  • Can be a full day or after school sessions to minimise impact on curriculum time (location dependent).
  • Recognised by all employers and ideal to take into the world of work
  • Staff can be trained during the same time
  • Lasts for 3 years
Cost (secondary)
Every school is different both in terms of what they require, the timings and the numbers of pupils. The price of each package we put together will depend on these factors as well as distance and number of instructors required.
If you are part of a cluster or academy chain and would like to link several schools together, we would be happy to negotiate a cost based on the number of schools who wished to use us.
We won’t be beaten on the quality of our service and are competitive with all providers offering a similar service.
Please get in touch for a quote or a friendly chat.

“Your delivery and activities were pitched at exactly the right level to engage our students. The day was interactive and insightful, catering for a wide range of learning styles. All students recognised the importance of acting swiftly in an emergency and today’s sessions equipped them with the confidence to do just that. Many thanks we will be in touch next year.”
Brad Hughes Assistant Head, Parmiters School, Watford

“Thank you for the first aid sessions you delivered to our students. Your unique way of delivery coupled with a range of engaging activities enabled ALL students to access the life skills so vital to young people in society today. We will be using you again.”
Gerard Tiernan Assistant Principle / SENCO, Harmonize Academy, Liverpool

We can deliver the official EFAW (emergency first aid at work qualification) to a cohort of learners as part of the careers/PSHE lessons or after school.