First Aid Awards for School Pupils

From 2020 all schools will be required to teach first aid and basic life saving skills. This specially designed programme meet the Governments NEW 2020 guidelines as set out in the National Curriculum. Our programme can be divided across a number of weeks or delivered in a one day enrichment programme / PSHE project or similar event. All the content is delivered by fully qualified and trained instructors. our instructors will deliver first class training to youngsters and use their years of experience in the classroom to ensure pupils are fully engaged and motivated to learn during their sessions. Please contact us to discuss further options along with prices.

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Course Content

Our awards are differentiated into Primary School Awards (bronze, silver, gold) and Secondary School Awards (junior and senior). The recommended time for these session are 2 - 3 hours and cover a range of topics from the list below. These can be tailored to suit your pupils needs. 

We also offer a 1 hour Hands On Award, which is aimed at providing training for larger numbers of students in a shorter period of time such as a drop down day or enrichment day. These are short but informative sessions covering basic life support, CPR and safe use of a defibrillator. All learners are provided with certificates for the level of training they have completed. 

What is first aid

Calling for help (999)


Bleeding (inc. nose bleeds)



Managing unconscious casualties

Fractures and breaks

Soft tissue injuries

Head injuries

Basic life support for adults, children and babies (CPR)

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